Use the full power of frontend with the #FullFrontendPower challenge

Diana Vilé
2 min readApr 28, 2021


Learning to code brings both great empowerment and responsibility with it. In my attempt to make coding skills accesible and available for all, I want to show why it is important to use the full power of frontend.

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Equal Importance, please

In order to create an outstanding user experience, both the structure (HTML), design (CSS) and logic (JavaScript) are equally important. To create any site visible in a web browser, it also takes HTML, and CSS (officially not even regarded as coding languages) to show a website in the browser.

Yet, the coding world happens to emphasize mainly on the importance of JavaScript and its related Frameworks (Angular) and Libraries (React, Vue). Why do we insist that JavaScript is the only language worthwhile to learn and that HTML and CSS are not even worth mentioning?


What is a better way to show the importance of the basics of the Web, then by practicing on a daily base. Starting from today, I will do a HTML, CSS, JavaScript challenge, in which i will dedicate the next 3 months of my life to the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Follow along to learn the #FULLFRONTENDPOWERwith me.

This is a short introduction. Tomorrow we start with the first step:




Diana Vilé

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