All good things comes in threes.

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INSIGHT 1: All good things come in threes.

The frontend of web development is a game of three. Although the coding world emphasizes on the importance of JavaScript and its related Frameworks and Libraries, without the basics of HTML and CSS (officially not even regarded as coding languages), you will never get far. Simply said, the frontend of web development is made up of HTML, CSS and JavaScript webfiles and although HTML and CSS regarded as unimportant, they truly form part of any websites. Therefore it is important to take your time to learn the basics and to learn them well. And repeat, build projects on your own and repeat again. Code is hard to learn and easy to forget.

INSIGHT 2: Prepare for a marathon, not a sprint.

At first it might seem easy, the first steps in coding are easy to take. Yet, don´t forget that learning to code isn´t an easy path to take. It takes constant effort and motivation to learn to code and keep up with the newest trends that move with the speed of light. So, instead of thinking it will be easy-peasy, prepare yourself for a long marathon of consistent learning, coding courses and challenges. That is the only way to get ahead. Becoming a self-sufficient, autonomous software enginyeer will take years instead of a few weeks or months, like Bootcamps make us belief. Learning to code is a marathon, not a sprint!

INSIGHT 3: Tech is everywhere

Our lives have become increasingly digital. And the Covid-pandemy only accelerated this process. This means Tech is a booming field. There is many jobs available and a huge shortage of digital talent. Learning to code therefore seems like an easy way to get a well paid job in the unsure working environment we currently live in. That said, getting a job in Tech is not as easy as HR recruiters and Coding Bootcamps want you to believe it is.



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Diana Vilé

Diana Vilé

A passionate Digital Communication Professional from Barcelona, Spain. Experience: Content, UX-design, Frontend.